Arno Wagner
CTO - Senior Consultant
Dr. sc. techn. ETH

Research and Development

Consecom investigates and creates solutions for the information security market. The insights gained and products created support the creation of client-focused high-end solutions.


secureAccess allows the Internet publication of traditional vulnerable web-services. secureAccess acts as security device which blocks all non-authenticated traffic. The authentication is modular and SMS, RAS or Active Directory can be simply added.
The biggest benefit is the secure Access can be integrated without changing the web-service. The Solution is used to allow for secure access from the Internet to a SharePoint solutions and Webmail.


secureBrowse is an Internet browsing platform with military grade protection. The platform uses a method called "mandatory access control", which was developed by the NSA. The objective is to avoid so-called drive-by-infections. Clients use the solution for visiting potential dangerous websites from professional or private locations.

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secureJump is a URL redirection service under the domain It provides the information security community with a URL shorter as efficient as possible.

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Consecom Network Analyzer (CNA)

CNA is a tool-set for the analysis, optimization and policy compliance verification of complex and large network firewall configurations. One of its primary usage scenarios is the analysis of the effect of several combined firewalls (i.e. several firewalls in the same network path). Being highly customizable, the CNA is suitable for a variety of other tasks.