Arno Wagner
CTO - Senior Consultant
Dr. sc. techn. ETH

Specialty Engineering

Consecom offers specialized engineering services for areas of IT and IT Security where the required expertise is hard to come by. These services include work in areas that are hard in themselves, and work in more common areas where aspects of security, reliability, system complexity and non-standard border-conditions lead to a high level of difficulty. The services offered cover the full range from hands-on engineering to applied research.

Example Areas of Expertise

Subsequent examples are non-exhaustive: Project areas not listed here may also be within the area of expertise of Consecom.

Secure Platform Engineering

  • - Secure Web-browsing platforms
  • - Customized system boot solutions
  • - Secure storage

Secure Access Infrastructure

  • - Custom VPN Terminators
  • - Custom VPN Infrastructure

Network Elements

  • - Data Acquisition
  • - Monitoring
  • - Security Elements

Apache Module Engineering

  • - Architecture and Design
  • - Implementation of new modules and supporting services
  • - Modification of existing modules
  • - Security evaluation of existing modules

Applied Cryptographic Engineering

  • - Custom implementations
  • - Evaluation of cryptographic systems
  • - Adaption of Open Source Software solutions

Engineering Failure Analysis

  • - Security, Reliability, Performance issues
  • - Issue analysis and quantification
  • - Root-cause identification
  • - Recovery and prevention strategies and solutions

Forensic Analysis in Non-Standard Situations

  • - Analysis of custom log-data
  • - Software back-door identification

Data Structure Engineering for Non-Standard Applications

  • - Key-value stores with non-standard requirements
  • - Large-scale on-disk and in-memory data structures
  • - Disk and SSD-backed in-memory structures
  • - Caching strategies and structures

Large Scale Data Engineering

  • - Acquisition and transport
  • - Storage and organization
  • - Transformation
  • - Analysis